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EP series electric screw press

EP series electric screw press

Keywords: friction press, hot die forging press, electric screw press


Features and Functions

Product Features

1. Accurate control of impact energy, high forming accuracy, small tolerance of parts, long mold life. 2. Program control of forging process, with pre-set energy for each step.

3. Efficient and energy-saving, reducing energy consumption by more than 50% compared to traditional friction press systems.

4. Double guided slider with strong anti bias load ability, enabling multi die forging

5. The screw and nut are wet soaked in the oil pool, providing good lubrication and improving service life

6. There is no fixed bottom dead center and no congestion

7. High reliability, without burning the motor and controller in the event of power supply phase loss or motor stall

8. Low starting current and low impact on the power grid


Product parameters